Welcome to East Iceland

Guesthouse – Lake Hotel Egilsstaðir is located on the shores of the large and beautiful Lagarfljót – lake by Egilsstadir town and located in central East Iceland. This very location is ideal and convenient for all kinds of traffic on land or air, very close to the airport when flying between Reykjavík and Egilsstaðir a flight of only one hour. It is therefore ideal as a central point for those travelling in East Iceland, from the highlands and to the seashores.

Beautiful and exceptional surroundings

Fljótsdalshérað is the largest municipality in Iceland coverings approx. 8884 km2 of Iceland’s land area. The area boasts of vast differences in landscape and physical elements, a combination of wide highlands and lowlands, heaths, mountains, valleys, deserts and green pastures. Through Fljótdalshérað runs one of the largest rivers in the land and many smaller ones, some of which are great for salmon – and trout fishing. One can experience extremes in landscape ranging from green enclosures and groves in the woodlands, the coastline with its’ enormous black beaches where run the rivers which stem from the glaciers and meet the tidewaters of the sea, the unique flora and fauna. The geographics of the land are unique and some exceptional, as is its’ flora and fauna. The rich wildlife consisting of herds of caribou, bird life and a variety of life stock can be seen in the pastures in the farmlands of the area. Fljótsdalshérað area is flanked by mountains and ridges on three sides; below and to the east the magnificent fjords, opposite are the highlands and the national park called Vatnajökuls – þjóðgarður – see www.vatnajokulsthjodgardur.is/. Above the innermost valley stands Snæfell – mountain, Iceland’s tallest not counting glaciers. Preparations have begun for the countries’ first geological park: Dyrfjöll Geopark – see www.dyrfjoll.is

Suggestions for day trips

In a short while you will find here some suggestions for daytrips in the area. The variety is vast and should suit individual wishes. Please contact staff in reception for information.

Main distances to and fro Egilsstadir


Egilsstaðir – Reykjavík by Öxi – by gravel mountain road 639 km / by air 50 min.

Egilsstaðir – Seyðisfjörður – by steep mountain road 27 km

Egilsstaðir – Reyðarfjörður 34 km

Egilsstaðir – Neskaupstaður 71 km

Egilsstaðir – Höfn across Öxi – by gravel mountain road 188 km

Egilsstaðir – Höfn – along the shore by the fjords 256 km

Egilsstaðir – Vopnafjörður – by steep gravel road across Hellisheiði – mountain 91 km

Egilsstaðir – Vopnafjörður – Háreksstaðaleið – highlands 131 km

Egilsstaðir – Akureyri 265 km

Egilsstadir town has a nice sports area suited for with multi – sports and events, the Vilhjálmsvöllur – field. A grassy soccer field is in its center and is complete with sand pits and other facilities for jumping and six tracks for running paved with synthetic materials for track and field sports. Fellavöllur – field in Fellabær meets all FIFA requirements and standards except for spectators seating arrangements. It is flood-lit fitted with heated synthetic grass. Fellavöllur – field is the main field of practice for Höttur, the local sports club. There are also other yet smaller fields by the local primary schools, Brúarásskóli, and Egilsstaðaskóli.

Swimming pool

A public outdoor swimming pool, 25 m long, is run by the Sports center in Egilsstaðir. It also has two warm sitting pools and a water slide. In summer the swimming pool opens Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:00 am. Tuesdays and Thursdays it opens at 6:30. Closing time is 21:30 pm. On weekends it is open from at 10:00 am. – 6:00 pm.

See: http://fljotsdalsherad.is/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=197&catid=144&Itemid=376
Sports centers – gyms

Two gyms are run in Egilsstaðir town, Héraðsþrek – gym located in the Public sports center, Tjarnarbraut 26, see www.fljotsdalsherad.is/ithrottas mannvirki/index.php and Crossfit Austur Lyngás 12, see www.crossfitaustur.com/ and www.facebook.com/crossfita



The local golf club, Golfklúbbur Fljótsdalshéraðs, runs Ekkjufellsvöllur golf course situated in Fell north of lake Lagarfljót about three km north of Egilsstaðir and one km south of Fellabær. It has nine holes, is about 2.400 meters and par is 35. It is beautifully located and offers a wonderful view of the area. See – www.golf.is/pages/klubbar/klubbasida/

Horse riding

In the community are two local stables run owned or rented out by multiple owners. One is in Fossgerði which houses around one hundred horses. There is also a corral and other necessary facilities for practice and training. Fossgerði is about 4 km. north of Egilsstaðir. The local horse club Freyfaxi has access to an equestrian hall for shows and training sessions in Stekkhólmi in Iðavellir, and outdoor tracks for horse racing, shows and competitions. A few horse rentals are in the area such as in Finnstaðir. Information in reception.


Guesthouse -Lake Hotel Egilsstadir has cross country skis for rent. In co-operation with the local cross country skiing club Snæhéri, one can access the track laid close to the hotel, also in Selskógur – wood on the edge of Egilsstaðir town and in Fjarðarheiði mountain in the western slopes or the ones facing Egilsstaðir town. Information in reception – tel. 471-1114.

The members of The Skiing club in Stafdalur are from Fljótsdalshérað and Seyðisfjörður. The training area is in Stafdalur in Fjarðarheiði – mountain. The slopes are fit for all, skiers and snow boarders alike. The drive is about 20 min. long from Egilsstaðir town. There are also a very nice slopes for skiing in Oddsskarð – mountain which often go by the name The East Icelandic Alps. Oddskarð is about an hour drive from Egilsstaðir. See www.stafdalur.is/ and www.oddsskard.is/


Shooting club

The East Icelandic Shooting Club is active in Fljótsdalshérað and has a shooting range in Þuríðarstaðir on the way to Mjóifjörður. See – www skaust.net/

Racing clubs

The Auto Club Start has been active and has annual races and competitions, snowmobiles in winter and rallies in winter. See – www.easthighlanders.is and www.ais.is/um-akis/

Hallormsstaðaskógur forest

The forest is very popular for outdoor activities. About 40 km of hiking trails and staked tracks run through the area. A map of those trails is available. A family friendly arboretum with about 90 species of trees and shrubs is in the forest. Many festivals used to be held in the famous Atlavik inlet but now a popular camping area. The ferry Lagarfljótsormurinn used to sail between Egilsstaðir and Atlavik. A boat rental is in Atlavik, some playground equipment and facilities for barbeques.

Info mostly from www.fljotsdalsherad.is

Since 2012 a bicycle race by this name has been held annually by the Youth Club Association of East Iceland around Lagarfljót – lake in co-operation with Travel East bureau and with the support of the municipalities of Fljótsdalshérað and Fljótsdalur. Participants must select between two routs or distances: 68 km and 103km.

Competitors leave from Hallormsstaðaskógur forest at 9.00 am and ride to Egilsstaðir town, across the bridge to Fellabær, into the Fell area and towards Fljótsdalur. If one selects the 68 km or the Long Wyrm route the competitor crosses the newer bridge on the Jökulsá river in Fljótsdalur below Hjarðarból farm north of Hengifoss. The first 40 km are along paved roads, the next 20 km are along gravel roads and the last 8 km are paved. Individuals as well as teams of three can participate in the competition – yet teams only in the shorter distance. In the case of teams the route is divided into three parts: of 26 km, 24 km and of 20 km.

The longer distance – the one called “The Tough Guy” goes by the same route as the former one until competitors get to the “new” bridge across Jökulsá one rides on up into Norðurdalur valley and cross Jökulsá by the innermost bridge (rough gravel road of 9 km) and ride along and out of Fljótsdalur valley to Hallormsstaðaskógur (gravel road 8 km and , paved road the last 5 km. Tour de Ormur is a part of the annual local festival Ormsteiti. Both sexes compete yet there is an age limit of 14 years. See – www.uia.is

The Municipality of Fljótsdalshérað was formally established Nov.1. 2004 with the merging of   three municipalities Austur–Hérað, Norður–Hérað og Fellahreppur. In its´ center is the town and village of  Egilsstaðir and Fellabær which are surrounded in the eastern heartlands of traditional agriculture with the smaller clusters Hallormsstaður, Eiðar and Brúarás. Fljótsdalshérað is the largest municipality in Iceland covering approx. 8884 km2 of Iceland’s land area. December 1st 2013 the number of inhabitants was 3.464.  A stream of public transport and traffic on land by route 1# goes through Egilsstaðir and from there crossroads lead to the fjords and valleys. A variety of public service and private businesses have developed and serve central East Iceland.  Inhabitants are employed by those services and work in transport, commerce, industry, agriculture and public services to name a few. A wide range of hotels, restaurants and guesthouses are found locally. Around one hundred farms are run in this part of the country, most breed sheep or cattle. Eighty or ninety percent of those also focus on forestry.

The community has a health care center, a nursing home and hospital, as well as dentists and veterinarians. Schools and education have always been greatly valued institutions and as important parts of the community. The College of Home Economics has run for decades, The Junior College in Egilsstadir from 1979 has over four hundred students. Austurbrú is an educational center that provides a service in relation to economy, education and culture. Play schools are located in four separate places and three primary schools. Music schools are run in connection with the primary schools. There is also a library, a historical museum, a sports center, sports fields, a swimming pool, youth centers as well as a maintenance center. HEF provides hot geothermal water for heating and consumption as well as fresh cold water. See –  www.fljotsdalsherad.is/